Where it all started

AUGUST 2009 Going back to the very beginning
Sam Leach studies at Legon University in Accra

Sam is Suzanne Lambert’s son and the reason she became involved with the project. Whilst at University he travelled to Dodi and taught the children. The Chief asked Sam if he could help them raise funds for a school and help the children with medical problems. Sam met Wisdom Ekissi, an inspirational man from Amedzofe, whom he felt could be trusted to project manage the Charity in Ghana.

SEPT 2010 Request for help
Suzanne asks the Sean Devereux Children’s Fund to help

The SDCF (Sean Devereux Children’s Fund), of which Suzanne was a trustee agreed to fund the first project on Dodi. Wisdom and the AUYA (Africa United Youth Association), a local NGO, organised a project to promote Health Education and the prevention of infections and diseases in November 2010. Mosquito nets were provided along with the Guinea worm project and advice about sanitation and clean water. Life jackets were donated with safety on the water support.

Feb 2011 DODI's first school
School building is constructed led by Wisdom Ekissi

The SDCF funded a three classroom Primary school, with an office/staff room. Wisdom Ekissi managed the project, combining local people with the AUYA workers from Amedzofe. Materials were transported by boat, including desks and benches. The second Monitoring visit by Trustees in Feb 2013 paves the way for the setting up of a new charity, The DODI DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE registered in September 2013.

School is resourced and monitored

The school is fully constructed but in need of experienced teachers. It is painted, plastered and secured and desk and chairs provided. Suzanne Lambert and Sam Leach visit for monitoring and research in January. Volunteers teach the pupils.

2013 The inception
A new charity “The Dodi Development Initiative” is set up

The second Monitoring visit by Trustees in Feb 2013 paves the way for the setting up of a new charity, The Dodi Development Initiative registered in September 2013. The trustees raise money in the UK through direct debits and a series of fundraising activities. The charity is run and supported by family and friends. The school employs a qualified teacher, a school Governor, and a classroom assistant. A P.T.A. group is set up and meetings held to monitor the school’s progress. The Urinals, Toilets and shower block are built and a Poly tank, purification tablets, washing bowls and drinking cups supplied for the pupils.

2014 Health screening for the children
Medical screening and monitoring

Medical screening takes place under the leadership of Giftus Ahiadzro from the Miracle Life Clinic in Ho. Children are tested for malaria, Bilharzia, HIV, and common diseases. Records are kept showing temperature and general wellbeing. Medicines were given out under the supervision of the Doctor.

Two Trustees monitored the progress of the project in Oct 2014 and met with The District Education Director in Kveve. They visited other schools to see how they are run and what improvements can be made on Dodi. Letters were sent to the GES asking for Volunteer teachers.

·       School resources supplied with GES textbooks in English, science, and maths.

·       Certified Teacher is employed & funded by the charity

·       School registered with the GES in Accra

·       School uniforms and Sports equipment including football strip, netballs and volleyballs

2015 Self sustainability
Accommodation for teachers added & Bags for Life

The school is renovated, the roof repaired, and floors tiled. The new staff accommodation is added on and fully furnished. The library & resources room is tiled, and storage equipment purchased. A Generator is provided to produce light and power for the teachers in the evening. Solar lamps are provided. Wisdom is given transport – a motorbike to make the journey from Amedzofe easier.

The quality of Teaching & learning is assessed, and meetings held to promote the GES standards for Government schools. Resources are supplied for KG 1&2 and Patience is given teacher training. Wisdom monitors lesson notes, Pupil’s assessments and workbooks are checked. Marking and pupils’ feedback is taking place. Matilda joins teaching staff.

·       Chalk boards added to teach KG1

·       Accommodation started, up to the windows for 2 new teachers when school taken over.

·       Chemicals provided for toilets & urinals and to prevent bats

·       Metal flagpole built and nets put on all the windows

·       Trees were planted on the compound to provide shade for the pupils

·       Timetable is improved and divided into Upper & Lower primary and KG. Lesson notes are checked and assessed by Wisdom Ekissi. The GES syllabus is being followed

·       End of term celebrations and award ceremony for achievement and effort

·       Teachers visited Ajebui School to learn more about teaching.

·       Benice, from Dodi Island joined the school to replace Patience who has another job.

·       Summer school & crafts workshop August 2015

·       Monitoring visit 2015

·       Bags for Life started, and a sewing machine was purchased.

Jan 2016 The deep drilling begins
Borehole drilling and clean water on Dodi

·       Meeting Rotary in Ho, Ghana

·       Contact with Rotary In Shepperton & presentation

·       Attending sponsored walk

·       Funding from Rotary £1200

·       Dodi Charity fundraising events raise £3,000

·       Charity gets 3 companies to estimate

·       Global Tech Boreholes chosen

·       Total cost of 2 boreholes £5,200

·       Wisdom attends water management course

·       Planning & site development

·       Borehole drilling Jan 2016

·       Borehole celebrations & blessing Feb 2016

2016-2017 Clean water and regular meals
Feeding Programme introduced

·       Funding is agreed for the lunchtime feeding programme for the pupils

·       Complete accommodation for the GES teachers

·       Fuel for the generator and support with teacher transport costs to be provided

·       Report sent to Wisdom about the community Bags for Life programme

·       PTA formalized with regular meetings and reports

·       GES & DEC formally agree to adopt the Island school 2017

·       Fencing provided for school farm, growing begins

·       Textbooks & IT equipment provided

·       Bags for Life continued with a sewers cooperative formed

·       Boreholes maintained and used by school & community

·       Football kit & equipment supplied by the charity

·       Monitoring visit Oct 2017

2016-2017 Dodi is being recognised by Ghana Education
Ghana Education sends qualified teacher to the Island school

 GES send first teacher to the Island

·       GES starts to monitor the teaching and learning in the school

·       DODI funds two teachers through teacher training

·       Summer school funded-Arts & Crafts & improvers English & Maths

·       More teacher accommodation supplied

·       GES send two more teachers to the Island

·       Partnership with Dodi clinic on the mainland starts

·       Nurses provide basic immunization for babies and have plan to visit the first week of every month

·       Midwives visit the Island to check all pregnant women

·       Teachers receive basic first aid training

·       Monitoring visits takes place in June 2018

·       Medical volunteers visit Island to teach about HIV/Malaria/ Sanitation/teenage pregnancies

·       Plan to put youngest children on Health Insurance scheme

·       Director of Health agrees to share the Dodi clinic boat with the teachers

·       GET FUND project started to provide 6 block Junior school classroom

·       Slates provided for KG pupils

·       GES Syllabus supplied and being implemented by all teachers

·       Trees planted to protect the school

2017-2018 Congratulations!
Dodi pupils graguate to Junior High

·       Currently 1 headteacher & 2 GES qualified teachers at the school

·       Two teachers supported by the charity graduate and wait to be employed by GES

·       14 pupils graduate to Junior High in July 19

·       KVIP toilet project announced and looking to commence in Dec 19

·       Monitoring trip undertaken by Trustee Sept 19

·       Local stakeholders established at Health, Environment, Education departments in Asuogyaman

·       Football tour of Dodi Island team to Amedzofe takes place

2019 Dodi's first toilets.
Toilets for the school and community

·       3 KVIP toilet blocks constructed with basins

·       2 for the community & 1 for the school

·       COVID PPE equipment & sanitizers supplied, Masks made by Bags for Life

·       Dodi school participates in the GALOP project


·       Emergency COVID fund established to keep community safe

·       Charity supports 2 volunteer teachers

·       Radio phonics learning programme supported

·       Phonics learning reading programme introduced

·       Updates to Guest House to support volunteer programme

·       Ongoing school renovations

Feb 2021 - June 2021 Let there be light!
Solar Panels and more!

·       Mega march fundraising event

·       Installation of 3KVA off grid solar system

·       2 community stations & one at school

·       Sports equipment/textbooks/

·       Project with Asuogyaman Environmental Health to fumigate school & compound

·       Brilliant work being undertaken to upgrade Charities website & digital marketing