We are looking for volunteers who wish to spend anywhere from one to six months working in a rural community in Ghana. We have two sites currently open, both in the Volta Region of Ghana.


The first is Dodi Island, a small fishing community of about 500 people, located in Lake Volta.

Stay locally with the Dodi community or in our teacher accommodation.


The second is the village of Amedzofe, located in the beautiful Avatime hills, and home to approximately 4000 people.

Stay in our 9 room beautiful guest house and be part of the community.

Abusua Guest House

Enjoy Beautiful views and mountain walks.
The guest house contains nine rooms, each with its own double bed, desk and chair.

You have access to shower and toilet facilities, a peaceful garden, transport and even bikes!!

Local food is cooked and you can eat with the family.

Wisdom & Agi are brilliant hosts.

“Volunteering with AUYA was an incredible learning experience for me and is a memory I will cherish. The work they are conducting alongside the Dodi Island Initiative is vital for the continuing progress of the two communities.”

-Teaghan O’Briain | Canadian Volunteer with Africa United Youth Organization

Read Teaghan’s full report

Volunteer Experience with Africa United Youth Organization

I stayed in Amedzofe for a period of four months, working with the local community as well as making visits to Dodi Island to assist with the small island community that is supported by the Dodi Island Development Initiative in association with Africa United Youth Organization (AUYA).

During my time in Amedzofe, with the assistance of Wisdom Ekissi, the program director, and the community leaders we developed and conducted a computer education program for the youth in the community. This program gave the students a useful skill in order to better prepare themselves for job applications in an area where jobs are difficult to acquire. The response from the students and the community as a whole was extremely positive and the progress made over this short period of time was incredible.

While staying in Amedzofe, I experienced two separate home stays: the first being Wisdom’s own home and the second was another family home not far away. Wisdom and his family created a welcoming and accepting environment and provided me with amenities and comfort that made my stay memorable.

Wisdom’s wife, Aggie, is an excellent cook and made the transition into Ghanaian life easy. I also had the pleasure of getting to know the rest of Wisdom’s family; each and every one of them was welcoming and helpful. I often spent my weekends visiting Wisdom’s mother’s farm, which was a great way to learn more about the local way of life. The second of my two home stays was equally enjoyable, providing a place where I could escape to on my own after our busy days.

As a program director, as well as a friend, Wisdom showed time and time again to be someone I could depend on. His support from the day I arrived to the day I left made my experience with AUYA a treat. His dedication towards his community and the community of Dodi Island is admirable and I expect he will continue doing great work.

Volunteering with AUYA was an incredible learning experience for me and is a memory I will cherish. The work they are conducting alongside the Dodi Island Initiative is vital for the continuing progress of the two communities.

-Teaghan O’Briain


Volunteering on Dodi

We have many volunteer opportunities available and are looking for passionate individuals or groups who wish to experience Ghanaian life and culture while working to help develop the communities.

We require volunteers to work for at least one month in the community, as it takes time to both acculturate and make worthwhile contributions.

Medical & Teaching Opportunites


Roughly four hours from Accra, the town of Amedzofe is home to a community health clinic staffed with nurses and midwives.

Volunteers are welcome.

Those with an interest in health education can promote HIV awareness at the local schools. The town also affords volunteers the opportunity to participate in local subsistence farming.


Volunteer at the local Health Clinic. We need midwives, nurses, paramedics, healthcare workers, medical students, paramedics, doctors


Volunteer at one of the local schools for primary or secondary or adult educational. Share your skills, you do not have to be a qualified teacher although we would love to hear from you if you are.


Participate in local subsistence farming.


Dodi Island is 3 miles off the eastern shore of Lake Volta, the community live in traditional villages of huts and mainly survive from fishing in the lake.

Whatever your skill come and share it with the people of Dodi Island.



We are looking to help the community develop self-sustaining enterprise if you have experience in a similar project and can help we would love to hear from you.


Volunteer at our school for primary or adult education. We need people to help teach literacy, numeracy, sports or music.


Volunteer to help develop the school grounds and improve the building.

Some potential ideas that need to be researched and developed are bee keeping, rabbit rearing, poultry farming, craft making, agriculture and tourism.


Immerse yourself in Dodi Life.

The incredibly welcoming community, the homemade food, the music, the dancing, the drumming…you will leave inspired and enlightened.

Of course,

Whether you choose Dodi Island or Amedzofe you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture and language.
We are happy to organise lessons in traditional drumming and dancing, as well as the local language, Ewe.

Come to Dodi

Try some famous homemade Ghanian Cuisine

Come to Dodi

Immerse yourself in the mesmorising culture

Maybe learn drumming on Dodi?


Applicants must meet the following requirements:
·     Be over 18 years of age and in good health
·     Possess international health insurance for the duration of their stay
·     Obtain a valid Ghanaian visa & yellow fever vaccination
·     Be self-motivated, patient and flexible
·     Pay a non-refundable program deposit equal to $200, three weeks prior to arrival


To be considered for a volunteer position, please e-mail Wisdom Ekissi on wisdomekissi@gmail.com, with a letter of introduction including the following information:

 • Your interests and prior experience
• Proposed date of arrival and duration of stay
• Desired living arrangement, and dietary restrictions (vegetarian?)
• Proof of health insurance
• Any other pertinent detailsSend Wisdom an email here

Please note the volunteering programme is run directly with the local community, we at DoDI are happy to facilitate your introduction to Wisdom and the local communities but we do not arrange or take any responsibility for the volunteering programmes



What volunteers Are Saying about Dodi

“On my first trip to Dodi Island, I stayed with Akorsu Sammy. He hosted me for two days and provided me with food and transport to the island. On my second and week long trip I stayed with Mama Ata and her family. She similarly provided me with food and accommodation for the seven days of my stay”

— Sam Leach, Volunteer | Teacher.

“I arrived into Accra Airport to meet Wisdom after a 4.30am start. From there we travelled North into the Volta region.

I was met with the first mountains of my trip and Lake Volta itself, which we crossed by canoe to arrive at Dodi Island”

-— Belinda, Volunteer | Solicitor.