Greetings from Ghana…we have been busy!


The school continues to develop under the expert management of the Ghana Education services.


It is well led by Holy, who is keenly supported by Samuel & Douglas. Benice & Matilda have graduation from teacher training college and will return in September, to bring the total of qualified teachers to 5.

The GES will employ a lower primary teacher in December 2019 to improve the class size in Primary 1&2.However, school is not just a place of learning but a centre for community action, enjoyment and identity. The growing spirit of collectiveness and cooperation emphasised by the work of the PTA, teachers and elders is exciting and innovative. The extra-curricular programme is expanding and now includes music, drumming, dancing, cultural activities, sport, Girl Guides, farming, sewing and ICT.

  • ·        Recent inspection of the school noted improvement in spoken English
  • ·        Need to focus on writing content & speed of pupils in 3-6
  • ·        Improved attendance & academic achievement with pupils eating lunch
  • ·        Writing slates in class 2 have improved teaching & learning
  • ·        Douglas introducing IT into the school
  • ·        Teachers have set up Girl Guides as an extra-curricular club
  • ·        Charity received a citation from Asougyman District for progress & support of the school
  • ·        Wisdom also awarded for his dedication to the Dodi Community
  • ·        School sports going well in netball, volleyball, football and athletics
  • ·        Boys & girls football team had great success in district cup
  • ·        Nurses come twice a month to check pupils, helping to reduce infections
  • ·        Dodi Health workers have educated community on use of mosquito nets
  • ·        Anti-natal & post-natal classes attended
  • ·        Shared boat to transport teachers & pupils to sports fixtures, meetings & medical clinics
  • ·        Teachers continue to upgrade their first aid skills, supported by community health workers


Project continues to expand with over £500 in total donated from the sewing group back into Dodi projects. This money is used to give pupils a Christmas party, end of term awards & celebrations and help with sports equipment. The group also visit Dodi to teach the community tailoring skills.

Upgraded bags, with new features will be available for the summer 2019 season, along with cushion covers and laptop cases.

Please contact Suzanne Lambert if you would like to buy one.

Thank you to all friends and family who have helped to sell the products in the UK.

I’m always on the lookout for new markets and sellers?


1.     Solar Light Panels

Raised £565 towards a total of £2,500

2.     KVIP Toilets for all

Thanks to the Corporate Responsibility Team at Crown Agents Bank who have raised £2,000 so far

3.     Classroom extension

Still looking for sponsors and fundraisers if you are interested. Meanwhile the community have kindly built an outdoor classroom to reduce the class sizes in Kindergarten 1 &2

4.     School lunches

Your generosity at Christmas means we have been able to fund lunches for the whole academic year and have cut costs by using produce grown on the school farm, including tomatoes, onions, peppers and cabbages

If you would like to know more, please contact Suzanne Lambert or Wisdom Ekissi.


Please give what you can. Every Pound goes to helping DODI.


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