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100% of all donations go to Dodi Island.

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You can make a difference. PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN.

Why Dodi?

The charity has made a fantastic, direct impact on the lives of the people it aims to help

Professor Emma Baker,
Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, St.George’s Hospital, U.K


Your donations DIRECTLY impacts the lives of these children.


The HOPE to survive childhood

The CHANCE to achieve their dream

The PROMISE of food every day



No donation is too small, you CAN make a difference.

EVERY POUND you donate goes towards empowering the lives of these children

Boat journey to seek medical care

Medical clinic on the island

Currently there is limited medical provision and children have to be taken on a treacherous journey by boat for any medical care

Pat, Ekissi & Dora

Pat and Dora are aspiring volunteer teachers, wanting to give back to the community,  but need help to pay for their teacher training

Regular meals help learning

Pay for regular school dinners

Help nourish and feed these keen and active young children who want to learn and grow and be the next doctors, teachers and engineers

Meet Wisdom Ekissi

Local champion of Dodi Island

Thank you so much for the water you have given to us, may God keep blessing you all.


Water is life and education is the key to success and we will never forget you for the hope given to us.


All we have is thank you

Wisdom Ekissi,

Operations Director, Ghana

Look where your money has gone

1 Fully furnished school building £14,000

2 Boreholes for clean water


3 New toilet blocks £7,900

4 Solar panels £4,600

“I saw first hand the joy,
that the charity has given the people of the island; whether this be with a school building and qualified teachers, a borehole and safe sanitation system and, in the time since I have returned, solar panels for the school building.”

– Dr Rebecca Knapton

Meet the Children of Dodi Island
The reason this charity exists.
They are Our Future.

” While my heart beats, I have to do what I think I can do and that is to help those that are less fortunate “

In memory of

Aid worker, Friend, Inspiration.

Meet Rose, Age 9.

Rose now has a safe space to go to school.

She has:

  • Safety
  • Clean water
  • Food
  • New toilets
  • Electricity
  • Teachers to help her grow

Basic needs we take for granted.

We are being noticed



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