Every £1 = £1.25 donated directly to benefit the people of Dodi Island 


Who we are

Profile - Wisdom Ekissi -School Director and Project Manager 


Wisdom and some of the village childrenWisdom Ekissi was born and raised in Amedzofe, where he earned a diploma in Sociology and World Religion from the nearby Mission Training College. He is an active pastor, provides guided tours to visitors, and runs a church based youth group called the Africa United Youth Association (AUYA). In 2010, Wisdom won the National Best Tour Guide Award in Ghana. He has spent the last seven years supporting the community on Dodi Island, building the school, implementing sanitation projects, transporting materials, meeting with Chiefs, elders, health and education officials and local business men. He organised the health prevention workshop in October 2010.

Wisdom manages the project through email and telephone contact with the trustees. He organises the itinerary for any monitoring visits from overseas and promotes and gives talks about the progress of the project. He writes project proposals and conducts meetings with Ghanaian officials. Before any funds are supplied Wisdom provides a written break down of costs, itemising materials, labour and a programme of works. During periods of construction he emails photographs of progress made and often travels to Dodi, remaining there to monitor the works. Wisdom is aware of the reporting and monitoring procedures and planning based on the short/medium and long term goals of the project. He is a family man with three children and a great friend.


Suzanne holding one of the village children

Suzanne Lambert - Trustee

Suzanne became involved in the DODI project in 2009, when her son Sam was attending Lagon University in Accra, Ghana. She is a qualified teacher presently working in a local primary school, at a Prison teaching literacy and life skills and in the local community as a sports coach. She previously taught in Zimbabwe and has spent 15 years working in a UK school for children with special needs and hopes to use this experience to help meet the needs of all children on Dodi Island.

Suzanne has experience of development work both as a teacher overseas and as a project monitor and Trustee for the Sean Devereux Children's Fund, which funded projects in Liberia, Tanzania and Ghana.

Suzanne is the key contact in the UK and monitors and manages the project development, organises events and rallies people to fund raise. With her experience in Education she is also able to assess the teaching requirements and standards of the school, and plan for equipment, curriculum needs and staffing. 

Belinda going through some plans with the village ChiefBelinda Ellington Trustee

Belinda first became attached to the Dodi project in 2010 through fund raising events organised by Suzanne. In 2013 she visited Dodi Island with Kate Tully and was taken with the commitment of the local volunteers and how close the project was to delivering a school for the children. Since then she has helped Suzanne get the Dodi project registered as a charity and to monitor progress and help to raise funds.

Kate Tully

Kate has been lending her support and experience to the Charity since becoming involved with the Guinea Worm Eradication Project in 2010.

Kate has been providing emergency care on the UK ambulance service since 2001 and has donated her expertise to set up open door health screening on Dodi Island in 2013 and again in 2014. On both visits she confirmed there was no longer any sign of Guinea Worm and the general nutrition of the children seemed healthy. However, for those who were not well there was no access to basic medical supplies or any opportunity for diagnosis and recommendation for medical care. Even minor injuries quickly become infected; pregnant mothers have no access to medical screening; people with more serious diseases have no chance of diagnosis and care.

Kate hopes the centre will provide an essential resource for the people to obtain walk in care or medical consultation.

Kate demonstrating medical equipment